Business 1

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Week 14
MondayApril 13, 2015B 9.5 Discuss legal and ethical considerations in providing financial advice, buying or selling securities, insurance or real estate, and borrowing or lending money.SWBAT identify a variety of investment scams and fraud by reading a script and responding to questions regarding a scam. Investment Scams, Schemes, and Swindles
TuesdayApril 14, 2014 N/ASWBAT compose a draft resume for their future self using previously reseached information on a professional career. Resume Builder Shared from Google Drive
ThursdayApril 16, 2015N/ASWBAT create a properly formatted resume using a resume template of their chosing. Resume Tools
  • Action Verbs
  • CV for Educators
  • Resume 1
  • Resume 2
  • Resume 3
  • Friday April 17, 20153.0SWBAT take and pass a quiz with a 70% or better on investment scams. Investment Fraud Quiz
    Letter(s) Handout
  • Block Model
  • LOR Examples (X3)
  • Cover Letter Template
  • LOR Template