Business Tech Wheel 8

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Week 12
MondayMarch 23, 2015n/aSWBAT meet in small groups and brainstorm ideas for a business. Small Group Formation Survival Style
Brainstorm Business Idea
TuesdayMarch 24, 20159.0 Work with peers to technical student organization SWBAT identify products/services provides by their business and respond to the why? how? and what? of the Golden CircleGolden Circle Questions/Products/Services List Handout
WednesdayMarch 25, 2015A1.9 Use digital and graphic design in creation of advertising SWBAT create a logo for a business they are forming selecting company colors and font for branding/marketing purpose. Logo Drawing
Friday March 27, 2015 C2.2 Analyze the development of successful personal entrepreneurial traits.
C2.1 Define and identify the following entrepreneurial characteristics: adaptability, competitiveness, confidence, descipline, perserverance, vision, and risk taking.
C2.2 Analyze strengths and weaknesses of self in terms of entrepreneurs.
SWBAT complete a reading assignment and respond to questions about the read by the end of the class. Warm-up Activity
Reading Assignment with Questions