Business Tech Wheel 8

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Week 13
MondayMarch 30, 2015 C2.2 Analyze the development of successful personal entrepreneurial traits.
C2.1 Define and identify the following entrepreneurial characteristics: adaptability, competitiveness, confidence, descipline, perserverance, vision, and risk taking.
C2.2 Analyze strengths and weaknesses of self in terms of entrepreneurs.
SWBAT create a profile of a young entrepreneur and develop a probing question regarding the challenges of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneur Profile
Challenge Question
TuesdayMarch 31, 2015NWEA Spring Testing. Class session used for testing.
WednesdayApril 1, 2015 C 3.2 Compare the different types of business ownership and the advantages and disadvantages of owning and managing a small business.SWBAT distinguish between the different types of business ownership and the different types of functions of business.Types of Business Ownership Vocabulary
ThursdayApril 2, 2015